Shelby “Sunshine” Lea Child Author Prodigy and Entrepreneur.

Shelby Lea is an American born child author from the metro-Detroit area. The young wordsmith first took an interest in writing after spending time with her dad, who happens to be an award-winning fantasy author. Her mom has been fluent in literacy since a youth and assists her dad with editing his projects. It was only natural for Shelby to take a path similar to her parents. Shelby informed her father that she was interested in writing. Only, she wanted to write books about her life as a kid. “The Adventures of Shelby Sunshine” was created to share her personal experiences with other children her age. Since 2021, Shelby has released 3 books in her children’s series. In 2023, she was nominated for the Moonbeam Awards “best chapter book series for children” and she released her first merchandise line. Besides writing, Shelby enjoys cooking, playing sports and spending time with her family. She’s an avid reader and loves getting good grades in school.

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